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    21 Easter-Themed DIY Fails That Have Some Eggsplaining To Do

    A for effort, everyone.

    1. This lamb cake that isn't too thrilled about its appearance either.

    2. This sorry eggscuse for deviled eggs.

    3. This peep house that could have used a stronger foundation.

    4. This Nutter Butter chick that's lookin' a little pale.

    5. This raw variation of egg decorating.

    6. This bunny cake that has seen some shit.

    7. This cyclops Rice Krispies treat.

    8. This Peter Cottontail pancake display.

    9. These carrot dick — I mean carrot stick — cupcakes.

    10. This failed eggsperiment.

    11. These psychedelic cookies.

    12. This pretty average fruit platter.

    13. These bunny cookies that are crackin' up.

    14. These rabbit rolls that thankfully can't reproduce.

    15. This bunny pancake too scary to eat.

    16. This Easter tree that'd give Santa a good laugh.

    17. This chocolate bunny cake that's actually a pretty decent puppy cake.

    18. These Easter-themed nails that didn't eggsactly* nail it.

    19. These homemade peeps that probably still taste better than the store-bought.

    20. This peep cake? Can it even be called that?

    21. And this unfortunate attempt at yarn art.