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    Drake's "Hotline Bling" Super Bowl Commercial Is Perfect

    Fantastic idea.

    Just days away from the Super Bowl, T-Mobile released their "Hotline Bling"-inspired commercial starring the 6 God himself, Drake.

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    In the midst of filming the "Hotline Bling" video, cell phone execs interrupt Drake (how dare they) with some lyrical changes that reflect their cell phone contract/plan/some shit I don't really care about.

    Because the only thing that truly matters about this commercial is that Drake and his turtleneck have returned.

    Along with his famous dance moves.

    AND his perfect face and perfect smile.

    Really, it was only a matter of time before some cell phone company took advantage of "Hotline Bling."

    I mean, what better way to get your girl to call you on your cell phone than with a commercial during the Super Bowl?

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