19 Perfect Tweets About This Week's Episode Of "The Bachelorette"

    Bachelor Nation Twitter never disappoints.

    1. When Wells finally got a one-on-one date...

    2. ...was super nervous about it...

    3. ...and eventually got sent home.

    4. When the boys rolled up for a group date with matching hair and leather jackets.

    5. And then played soccer.

    6. When James Taylor — the least athletic of the bunch — was the only one to get the goal.

    7. When James started a beef with Jordan...

    8. ...over a game of poker.

    9. And when he told JoJo that Jordan's only doing the show for fame.

    10. Sure, James.

    11. When Jordan didn't understand why James called him entitled.

    12. So he aggressively swirled his glass of pinot.

    13. When Luke and JoJo shared quite the passionate kiss.

    14. When JoJo's two-on-one with Derek and Chase was a tango lesson.

    15. And both Derek and Chase told JoJo how into her they are.

    16. When Derek got sent home and wept while "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" played in the background.

    17. When JoJo didn't eliminate ANYONE at the Rose Ceremony.

    18. When, as usual, only four minutes of the two-hour episode were interesting...

    19. ...but they were the best four minutes you could ask for.

    See you next Monday, boys!

    Thumbnail credit: Veronica Gambini / ABC