22 Reasons "My Best Friend's Wedding" Is The Greatest Rom-Com Of All Time

    "The misery, the exquisite tragedy. The Susan Hayward of it all."

    1. Because who hasn't secretly been in love with their best friend and only realized it once they were taken?

    2. Especially if your best friend is as hot as Dermot Mulroney in the late '90s.

    3. Because Julia Roberts is the best two-faced, big-haired food critic you've ever secretly rooted for.

    4. And Cameron Diaz is the irritatingly perfect blonde who really should have been booed for her terrible karaoke performance.

    5. Because in terms of gay best friends, Rupert Everett is the ultimate.

    6. Because how often does a rom-com have an equally phenomenal soundtrack?

    7. Because you melt every time Dermot Mulroney smiles, until you're just a hopeless puddle on the floor.

    8. Because the "I Say a Little Prayer for You" scene is one of the best scenes in the history of film.

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    9. Because Paul Giamatti makes a random cameo as a very convincing bellhop.

    10. Because Julia Roberts is the sexiest tomboy you've ever laid eyes on.

    11. Can you say crop tops?

    12. Because "it's amazing the clarity that comes with psychotic jealousy."

    13. Because the thought of anyone seriously believing George is a straight man is absolutely laughable.

    14. Because it's impossible not to cry when Michael sings his and Jules' song one last time.


    15. Because what are the chances Kimmy walks in when Jules finally gets the balls to confess her love for Michael?

    16. Because a bridesmaid that gets her tongue stuck on an ice sculpture's privates is the best kind of bridesmaid.

    17. Because it's the ultimate showdown between Jell-O and crème brûlée.

    18. Because what's better than a throw down in the ladies' bathroom at a baseball game?

    19. Because when Jules gives her maid of honor speech, you know she's finally done the right thing.

    20. Because only in the movies would a best friend forgive you for trying to sabotage their wedding.

    21. Because when George shows up in the final scenes, you almost forget about the not-so-happy ending.

    22. Because the moral of the story is that if you love someone, tell them. And preferably not on their wedding day.