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    18 Awkward Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh And Then Cringe

    These people really have a way with words!

    Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon was back at it again with the hashtags.

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    This time he asked viewers to share the most embarrassing things they've said with the hashtag #WhyDidISayThat.

    Hashtag game! Tweet out something funny, weird, or embarrassing you've said and tag with #WhyDidISayThat. Could be on the show!

    Here are some of the funniest ones:


    Friend got on an elevator and said “Call me DJ Tanner cuz this is a Full House!" He then rode to his floor in total silence. #WhyDidISayThat


    Teaching 5th grade music class to play recorder/the note A, I said "when you see the new note be sure to cover your A holes" #whydidisaythat


    Getting a haircut, barber asked me what I do for a living. I said "Advertising, what about you?" He replied "I am a barber" #WhyDidISayThat


    Would you like soup or salad ? Yeah sure, the super salad is fine. #WhyDidISayThat


    I worked retail & a guy asked if we sold "sleeveless vests", I replied "Yes, next to the legless shorts". #WhyDidISayThat @FallonTonight


    Once said excuse me to a mannequin. Then I realized it wasn't a real person so I said "oh you're not real. Sorry" #WhyDidISayThat


    @jimmyfallon My uncle was trying to win a debate & yelled "I'm the Master Bater" We all got quiet. He got it 5 minutes later #WhyDidISayThat


    One time a guest asked where the restroom was, I pointed it out & as he walked away I said "enjoy!" #WhyDidISayThat


    I was late to a job interview and I tried explaining myself by saying "Sorry, I'm on my period" #WhyDidISayThat


    I work at Kmart and over the intercom at closing one night I said 'thank you for shopping at target' #WhyDidISayThat


    .@jimmyfallon while studying the planets in 9th grade I liked the color of Uranus so I told my teacher "Uranus is so pretty" #whydidisaythat


    I was ordering pizza & at end of call said love you. Delivery showed up gave me receipt.Thx Hun its on the house (w his ph#) #WhyDidISayThat


    On a flight from Boston to LA I was seated between two men so I walked up and said "are you two my new dads?" #WhyDidISayThat


    My friend texted me saying her dog died. I replied "well, life is ruff". We didn't speak for 6 months. #WhyDidISayThat


    My old boss asked if I was feeling okay and I responded, "Yeah, I just hate working here." #WhyDidISayThat


    Got pulled over... Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over? Me: I'm sorry, I wasn't even paying attention. #WhyDidISayThat


    One time at a party I tried to start a conversation with the host by saying "Hey man we totally have the same refrigerator". #WhyDidISayThat


    I was having sandwich at Subway. I was asked if I wanted the 12 inch. I told the guy I could only fit 6 inches inside me! #WhyDidISayThat

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