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19 Christmas Shibas Who Are So Ready For The Holidays

Santa Paws, is that you?

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1. This Shiba, who's definitely Christmas card ready.

@sawyertheshiba / Via

2. This shiba, who found the perfect place for a rest.

@shiba_kyuubi / Via

3. And this little one, who's definitely not sleeping until Santa gets there!

@finnick_theshibe / Via

4. This pup with a tree just his size.

@hunter_theshiba / Via

5. This Shiba in his ugly Christmas sweater.

@thebrothersmushiko / Via

6. This little Santa Paws.

@duhnay11 / Via

7. And this one, who prefers just the hat!

@millennial_at_large / Via

8. This Shiba, who's quite proud of her decorating skills.

@misocharley / Via

9. And this one, who could use a helping paw.

@kumausopp / Via

10. This Shiba with an affinity for elf culture.

@happygoriley / Via

11. This jolly pup.

@rigbyandmia / Via

12. And this one, who loves his new ornament.

@yuki_koinu / Via

13. These two little helpers.

@pennyandcocatheshibas / Via

14. This Shiba, who loves her new toy.

@rosietheshibainu / Via

15. And this one, who's ready for some reindeer games.

@taaakichan / Via

16. This Shiba, who's clearly hoping for a white Christmas.

@hana_ichi_theshiba / Via

17. And this one, who prefers a warm one.

@ippo_shiba_gram / Via

18. This pup, who's pretty confident he's been a good boy this year.

@mojiakira / Via

19. And this sleepyhead, who's ready for a long winter's nap.

@tyler_shibainu / Via

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