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    Chris "What's My Snack" Pratt Kinda Can't Smell, Kinda Looks Hot Blindfolded

    All hail the King of Snacks.

    As you better be well aware, Chris Pratt has been documenting his snacks with an Instagram series he calls #WHATSMYSNACK.

    He's currently doing press for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, and naturally, Chris' snacks are an important topic of conversation.

    Entertainment Tonight recently sat down with Chris and decided to test his snack-sniffing skills, and tbh, I'm not sure if that nose of his is working!

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    Blindfolded, Chris’ first sniff challenge was to identify a plate of salmon. Salmon (and fish in general) has a pretty potent smell — but I guess not to Chris?

    ET / Via

    He, too, was disappointed in himself.

    ET / Via

    Next up was a lemon tart. Initially, Chris was on the right track with this one, but again, his sense of smell failed him.

    ET / Via

    Finally, Chris got one right: bleu cheese.

    ET / Via

    Overall, the King of Snacks went one for three. He *did* claim to have a cold but, salmon? lemon?? Idk. Either way, we have these incredible shots of him in a blindfold.

    ET / Via

    😳 😳 😳

    ET / Via

    Never change, Chris Pratt.

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