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    Chris Pratt Is Already Killing The Snapchat Game


    Life got better on Saturday when Chris Pratt announced he had officially joined Snapchat.

    I'm on snapchat now. My name on snap chat I'm ChrisPrattSnap Follow if you please.

    That was great news and all, but after a couple of days, Chris still hadn't added any snaps.


    But don't worry! Yesterday, Chris finally came through with his first-ever Story!

    Snapchat: ChrisPrattSnap

    He went for a ride on a moped while on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

    Snapchat: ChrisPrattSnap

    Don't Snapchat and ride, Chris!

    He informed us of his bronchitis with his pants unzipped.

    Snapchat: ChrisPrattSnap

    And introduced us to Mel, who does his costumes.

    And he even sang a little Cyndi Lauper.

    Snapchat: ChrisPrattSnap

    What did we do to deserve him?

    Snapchat: ChrisPrattSnap

    You can add Chris Pratt on Snapchat at ChrisPrattSnap.

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