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    Chris Pratt Shared One Of His Favorite Scenes From "Parks & Rec"


    It was a dark day for the Parks & Recreation cast when they officially finished filming on Dec. 12, 2014.


    Remember all these sad tweets?

    It's been almost two years, but it's pretty clear the cast still loves and misses each other.

    Just last night, Chris Pratt must've been feeling a little sentimental before bed (same) when he shared one of his favorite scenes from Parks and Rec and tweeted "Miss my #ParksFam."

    Can't remember which writer came up with this run but it truly is one of my favorites. Miss my #ParksFam

    The scene is from "Two Parties" (Season 5, Episode10) and it's a great one.

    In case you forgot, Ben's Settlers of Catan bachelor party turned into several bachelor parties for Tom, Jerry, Andy, and Ron. Chris was the only one in the group who hadn't been married, so to thank him for being their "best man," the boys decided to do something nice.


    As they were going around predicting who Chris's lucky lady would some day be, Andy made things awkward and great and this is exactly why we love him.


    Not long after Chris tweeted the scene, Nick Offerman chimed in and even included a saxophone emoji!

    You get me every time brother.🎷

    😭 😭 😭


    Sigh. We miss you too, #ParksFam. Can we please get a reunion soon???

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