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    Chris Pratt Got The Nervous Poops On An Airplane

    It happens to the best of us.

    Most people don't like pooping in bathrooms other than their own, and a lot of people will get anxious when they have to, including CHRIS PRATT.

    Yes, even human god Chris Pratt has poop anxiety.

    Yesterday, Chris shared a video of himself on a jet, pointing out that another aircraft was pretty close by.

    But it wasn't the video that was interesting, it was the caption:

    Took my chances on a big jet plane. Never let 'em tell you that they're aaall the same. For instance. That one is flying dangerously close to this one and now I got the nervous poops. Great. Gonna go to the toilet and everyone's gonna know. So I'll end up trying to rush it so people think maybe it was only number one because of how fast I go. But deep down they'll know. They always know.

    Let's break that down, shall we? First, Chris gets the "nervous poops" after seeing how close he is to another plane.

    Then, he has the SAME EXACT THOUGHTS so many people have about using a public bathroom: “Everyone’s gonna know.”

    “So I’ll end up trying to rush it so people think, maybe it was only number one…”

    “But deep down they’ll know. They always know.”

    Oh, Chris Pratt. Whatta guy!