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    Posted on Apr 5, 2017

    19 Normal People Who Ran Into Celebrities At Restaurants

    Reservation for one, asap!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a time they ran into a celebrity at a restaurant. Here's who they spotted and where:

    1. Kim Kardashian at La Scala in Beverly Hills, California.

    "After making a guttural squeal, I dashed across the room to nervously ask her for a picture. She seemed pretty blasé about it, but still a pivotal moment for a LA native like me." —imnotacountry

    2. Zac Efron at St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    "I used to be a hostess and had my fair share of celebrity encounters. My favorite story was a random day in December when Zac Efron came into the restaurant with the owner of the Colts. He called me over and started making flirtatious small talk. Eventually, he asked me what I was doing when I got off work and asked for my number. I nervously wrote it down and gave it to him. Needless to say he never contacted me." —Lauren Rose Farmer, Facebook

    3. Beyoncé at Cipriani in New York, New York.

    "I was eight and had this horrific skater boi haircut. Jay Z was there, too, but I obviously only cared about Beyoncé." —maddies7

    4. Michael Cera at Nashville North in Georgetown, Ontario

    "I was in line to get into this country bar for my sister's birthday and Michael Cera was literally a foot in front of me. My sister asked for a picture with him since it was her birthday and he said, 'I'm not Michael Cera, that guy is!' and pointed to his friend. He stuck out like a sore thumb in a bright orange winter jacket and red winter hat at the end of April when it's warm out." –Emily Marie, Facebook

    5. Justin Bieber at 10 Degrees South in Atlanta, Georgia.

    "It was around the time his Never Say Never movie was coming out and I lied to his manager and said I was going to see it." —maricruzc2

    6. Kendall Jenner at ABC Kitchen in New York, New York.

    "I was at lunch with my mom and my aunt when a girl entered the restaurant and my mom said to me, 'Huh, that girl looks like Kendall Jenner!' I turned around and exclaimed, 'Mom! That IS Kendall Jenner!' It was during NYFW and it turns out she was going to be having a business meeting during lunch, but she still took a selfie with me which was so nice considering how busy she must have been." –Rachael Pope, Facebook

    7. Jessica Lange at Wallace Station Deli and Bakery in Versailles, Kentucky.

    "It was unmistakably her, and her lunch companion was Sam Shepard. One woman talked to them and was saying how much she loved their work. They were kind to the woman, but it was also clear that Jessica would much prefer to be left alone. When we left the restaurant a few minutes later, my friend was so excited/flustered/nervous that she seemed to forget how doorknobs work. Eventually I had to reach around her and turn the knob. My friend glanced over at Jessica (who was watching this whole ordeal with a slight grin on her face), muttered, 'Sorry!' and we left."dvoraks8th

    8. Jack Gleeson at Bunsen in Dublin, Ireland.

    "I was just glancing at tables when all of a sudden a guy looked up at me. We locked eyes and I realized it was Jack Gleeson, aka King Joffrey from Game of Thrones. When it looked like he was done eating, my friend pulled me over to his table and was like, 'My friend wants to meet you but he's too afraid.' And let me tell you, Jack is the nicest person in real life. Nothing like Joffrey." —kevins4d6789265

    9. Sir Paul McCartney Bemelmans Bar in New York, New York.

    "I had just run the 2016 New York City Marathon, and that night went to celebrate with my parents. We were getting ready to leave when SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY SAT DOWN NEXT TO US. My Dad shook his hand and asked for a pic. He said he wasn't one to take pictures as it changes how he has to interact with fans and approach outings, and he was just hoping to meet his wife for a drink. Before we left he shook my hand, gave me a hug, and both he and his wife congratulated me on my marathon finish and told me how impressed they were." —hannahb67

    10. 50 Cent at Red Lobster in New York, New York.

    "My brother asked, 'Are you 50 Cent?' and 50 Cent said, 'You're damn right I am.'" —Jenna Sandy, Facebook

    11. Gerard Butler at The Little Door in West Hollywood, California.

    "On my 21st birthday, my friends and I went to The Little Door in West Hollywood. Gerard Butler was at a table nearby!" —maecal03

    12. Queen Latifah, Ludacris, and others at Maggiano's in Atlanta, Georgia.

    "I've waited on Queen Latifah, India Arie, Ludacris, Lionel Richie, TI and Tiny, Mase, Young Jeezy, Cee-Lo, and Brad Henke. Young Jeezy was one of the sweetest, nicest people I ever got to wait on. He was incredibly polite and one of my favorites. Same with Brad Henke." —mrsh810

    13. Steven Tyler at Cucina by Wolfgang Puck in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    "We asked him to take a pic with our newborn baby and he was happy to do it. After that, he chatted with us about his babies and how he used to co-sleep with them. He gave my husband a high five and kiss on my cheek. He was seriously the nicest and coolest celeb!" —runybrm

    14. Donald Glover at Apero in London, England.

    "My sister and I spent our entire breakfast plotting how to ask him for a photo without being rude and interrupting his breakfast with his girlfriend and son. I ended up complimenting his girlfriend on how cute their kid was, so we talked about their son for like 10 minutes before my sister got the courage to ask for a photo. Turns out he couldn't take one because he was prepping for a movie." —dalyar

    15. Richard Dreyfuss at Portland City Grill in Portland, Oregon.

    "I was slightly buzzed when I saw Richard Dreyfuss and his wife enjoying their dinner. I felt the most dire need to go tell him how cute he was in Jaws. He was a gentleman about it, but his wife did not look amused." —iambe87

    16. Miranda Lambert at MAX's Wine Dive in Austin, Texas.

    "I was on my way to a friend's birthday diner when I got a text from another friend that Miranda was there and I should hurry up. All of my friends were too scared to go meet her but when I saw she was leaving, I immediately went up to her. She was so nice and she said she thought my hair was badass!!" —oluwasemiloreadeoluwa

    17. John Travolta at Chow's in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    "We asked if we could have a picture with him and he just gave us a dirty look and turned back around, lol." —Christina Lee Salgado, Facebook

    18. DMX at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Universal City, California.

    "DMX drank a few glasses of Hennessy and then he had a strawberry daiquiri. At one point, I built up the courage to perform a rap I wrote about short people for him and he joined in as my hype man. He even barked a few times. He left a HUGE tip." —jordanross

    19. Johnny Depp at Hooters in Hollywood, California.

    "It was just before midnight and the restaurant was about to close. In walks Johnny Depp, and he goes straight to the bar and orders a single shot. He then leaves, and says 'Goodnight, ladies' with a wave and a wink, probably because we were staring at him like idiots the entire time. Still, that was the best 30 seconds of my life." —alliem469ec884d

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