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    17 Cat Owners Who Set The Bar Extremely High

    How much is too much to pay for a Renaissance portrait of your cat?

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most extra thing they've done for their cats. From "catios" to castles, the responses did not disappoint!

    1. This owner hired an interior designer to create a cat-approved space in their apartment.

    "On one side of the living room is a wall with shelves that make up steps to cornices under the ceiling. On the opposite side is a library from which the cats can jump to a beam under the ceiling." —Gabriel Axel

    2. And similarly, these three kitties have their very own "catio", built by their owner's dad!

    "It’s pretty awesome and the cats love it. I plan to add more perches, tunnels, and scratching posts." —katec448f288ae

    3. Toby's owner shelled out some big bucks to have him painted Renaissance-style.

    "I paid $400 to have someone paint a Renaissance portrait of my cat, Toby."—jessikagailx22

    4. Otto's owner took newborn baby photos!

    5. These cat parents knew how to celebrate a first birthday!

    6. And this cat mom went all out for her kitty's 18th.

    "I threw my cat a 'Pussy for Life' party when she turned 18. Obviously we had an ice cream cake and my other cats dressed up." —maureenb41429f243

    7. Because Tesla was terrified of the ceiling fan, his owner turned it into a lamp.

    "I just moved into a new apartment and my cat was petrified of the ceiling fan.

    After over a week of trying different things including flipping the blades to the lighter wood, removing the blades, and, finally, covering the base with a sheet, I admitted defeat and converted the former Ceiling Demon into just a lamp." —dominicat

    8. This owner bought these adorable matching pajama sets for her and her cat!

    "Currently still convincing my fiancé to get the men's version so we can have a family Christmas card." —kelseykrolicki11

    9. Hopper's owners hooked him up with his own tent and tablet.

    "Here's my Hopper lounging in his jungle tent and playing his fish game on the old tablet that is his now. Not pictured is the fan blowing just out of shot." —stephanies4a8c946aa

    10. This cat's owner built him his very own Taco Cat truck.

    11. And this cat parent set up a kitty kissing booth for Valentine's Day.

    12. Oliver's owners threw him a wedding. Not pictured: a fish wedding cake!

    "Paid $27 for a tux for Oliver, bought a ton of food, and had his girlfriend cat over for a wedding. Even made them a fish wedding cake." —amieo27

    13. These lucky cats belong to someone who said they will literally sleep on the floor when the cats want the bed to themselves.

    14. And this cat parent moved her mattress onto the floor so her cat could still sleep in the bed while she recovered from surgery.

    "My Lola cat was recovering from surgery and was restricted from jumping. I put my mattress on the floor in the guest bedroom, so she could still sleep in bed with me." —angelicalo

    15. Sir Buddy Winston Churchill's owner made him a fancy collar to wear when company comes over.

    "He is a well-loved Maine Coon kitty." —micheller4f34d530b

    16. Malcom's parents didn't want him to feel left out when they took the dog for a walk, so they got him a stroller.

    "We think Malcolm may have been an outdoor cat before we adopted him. We’ve always had him as an indoor cat, but recently compromised so he wouldn’t feel left out. He even jumps in there and settles right in by himself when he wants to go out." —haleighbrit

    17. And finally, how about a round of applause for this owner who built their three cats a castle so that they could reign over their kingdom of Meowdor!!!

    "I have three cats, all named after characters from the Lord of the Rings. In the winter I made them a castle which I dubbed Meowdor. Complete with hammocks for them to sleep in and lots of different tunnels and play things." —nemi1969

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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