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    19 Dogs Who Are Total Fuzz Buckets

    Fuzzy Wuzzy was a puppy.

    1. This is a fuzz bucket.

    2. A fuzz bucket is, well, a bucket of fuzz.

    3. Like, look at THIS fuzz bucket.

    4. Such fuzz. Much bucket.

    5. This fuzz bucket is very excite!

    6. And this one, very schleepy!

    7. Fuzz buckets come in every color.

    8. Brown fuzz bucket.

    9. White fuzz bucket.

    10. Multi-color fuzz bucket!

    11. Some fuzz buckets are small.

    12. And some fuzz buckets are not.

    13. Some fuzz buckets look like lions.

    14. Some look like bears.

    15. But all fuzz buckets look fuzzy.

    16. So.

    17. Fuzzy.

    18. And the only thing better than one fuzz bucket?

    19. Two fuzz buckets!

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