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We Need To Talk About How Hot Drake Got In 2015

All hail the 6 God.

Before 2015, we had only gotten small, blurry glimpses of Drake's body.

Like, you could tell there was something there, but how nice/hard it was, no one could be too sure.

Then 2015 came, and the glimpses started to get a bit clearer.

And a bit closer.

Then this happened:

And it just kept getting better.


hi marry me pls

Now, Drake has always been considered cute, maybe even hot, to some of us.

AFP / Stringer


But even his fans who have been with him from the bottom have to admit he's never been *this* hot.

Talk about blessings...

...on blessings...

...on blessings.

Instagram: @ovojonnyroxx

🙏 🙏 🙏

Congrats on a good year musically AND physically, Drake. And please keep those 'grams coming in 2016.

Apple Music / Via

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