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    Anna Kendrick And Stephen Colbert Had A Serious Bonding Sesh

    It was wonderful.

    Last night, Anna Kendrick stopped by The Late Show and had a serious bonding sesh with Stephen Colbert.

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    Anna had nothing to promote so really she was just on the show to hang out.

    First they geeked out over Lord of the Rings, which Stephen is famously a huge fan of.

    They talked about which characters they identify with, as we all have done.

    And then they bonded over one of Stephen's other true loves, musical theater.

    But the moment that solidified their new bond was when they sang a duet together.

    And not just any duet, but "They Say It's Wonderful" from Annie Get Your Gun.

    Wonderful, indeed.

    These two definitely get along like Frodo and Sam.