Anna Faris Struggled To Name One Thing That Annoys Her About Chris Pratt


    Anna Faris recently sat down with The Bert Show to chat about work, motherhood, and life in general.

    Her husband, Chris Pratt, was of course a topic of discussion. And when asked if there's anything Chris does that annoys her, she adorably struggled to answer the question.

    "At first I would say, 'Well, he doesn’t always pick up his wet towels off the floor.' And when he heard that I said that on like, The View or something, he started picking his wet towels off the floor."

    "Truly he’s just a great, great guy. He’s a wonderful husband. He’s an incredible dad. He’s a total family man."

    "And he’s taken all of his, this sudden rise in fame, so well. He really just wants to hunt and fish with his buddies. He wants to be with his family. He’s not seduced by the Hollywood world at all."

    After a bit more thinking, Anna was finally able to come up with something — and it's not even bad! Chris, apparently, can fall asleep anywhere, which bothers her because she's a light sleeper.

    "You finally get to fly first class, and your husband falls asleep before take-off. I want to just jab him in the ribs with my elbow like, 'Wake up you a-hole. Come on, appreciate this!'"

    Man, they really are perfect.

    You can listen to the full interview here.