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Amy Schumer Hilariously Fact-Checked A Jennifer Lawrence Interview

"It's a marriage made in heaven."

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Amy Schumer recently sat down with Vanity Fair for its May issue and they filmed this hilarious video of her fact-checking a Jennifer Lawrence interview.

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Like a true best friend, she lovingly calls J. Law out on her bullshit.

Vanity Fair /

And makes sure to set the record straight.

Vanity Fair /

She also could confirm a few things, like Jen's ideal Saturday night...

Vanity Fair /

...the story of how they met...

Vanity Fair /

...and that J. Law did, in fact, once pee in a bidet.

Vanity Fair /

Well, that's a fun fact.

Vanity Fair /

They're too much!!!

You can check out Amy Schumer's interview with Vanity Fair here.

Thumbnail credits: Paul Drinkwater / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair

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