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Jordan Rodgers From "The Bachelorette" Was In "Pitch Perfect 2"

Aca-scuse me?

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This is old news to some, but many of us in Bachelor Nation just found out thanks to Twitter user @Brittany_anne24.

That one time Jordan was on Pitch Perfect 2 with the Green Bay Packers @PrincessProbz #TheBachelorette

Bustle also pointed out this aca-awesome tidbit last month.

In the scene, the Green Bay Packers — as in actual players from the NFL team — compete as an a cappella group.

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Jordan isn't a Green Bay Packer, but his older brother, Aaron Rodgers, plays quarterback for the team.

They perform "Bootylicious" in the first round of the riff-off before getting eliminated in round two.

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You can also get a glimpse of Jordan when the Green Bay Packers are first introduced.

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