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    21 WTF "Bachelor" Moments That Literally Made Your Jaw Drop

    Thanks, Chris Harrison!!!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what they thought were the craziest moments in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette history. Here's the iconic list they came up with:

    1. When Courtney and Ben went skinny-dipping — JK they had sex.


    "There was penetration in those waters. We all saw it." —jennag4917ec17e

    2. When Clare dropped the fucking mic on Juan Pablo after he sent her home.


    "BOOM, roasted." —nm25

    3. And when Juan Pablo told Nikki how much he liked her instead of proposing.

    ABC / Via

    "The whole Juan Pablo season." —samanthanicoles4e13a402a

    4. When Ashley S. got real creepy on the first night with her onion analogy.

    5. And then later when she handpicked a pomegranate.


    "If that’s a pomegranate then god bless it."


    6. When Nick called Andi out on After The Final Rose.


    "My jaw literally dropped." —amyg4cd04631d

    7. When Jake and Vienna had it out in an interview with Chris Harrison.


    "Jake was SO horrible to Vienna that it was tough to watch. He was belittling, arrogant and beyond cruel. The whole thing was disgusting." —bdub189

    8. When Ben said "I love you" to Lauren...


    ...AND JOJO.



    9. When Tierra refused to let her sparkle go out.


    10. When Olivia got left on an island, never to be seen again — well, until she was on the Women Tell All episode.


    11. When Bentley continued to lead Ashley on just to break her heart and leave the show.


    "He was just so incredibly cruel and did so without apology or remorse. A true villain." —carynandconnie

    12. When Rozlyn got sent home because of an alleged affair with one of the show's producers.


    13. When Justin dramatically walked away after Ali confronted him about having a girlfriend.


    "It was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen." —sarahmfi

    14. When Kasey got a tattoo, as in A PERMANENT TATTOO, to prove he would "guard and protect" Ali's heart.


    "That guy was CRAY." —elanawinchester

    15. When Brad chose NO ONE.

    16. When Olivia compared Amanda to a teen mom (even though she's 25 and had her first daughter at 22).


    17. When Chris left Ashley AND Kelsey in the desert and some serious awkwardness ensued.


    "Kelsey vs Ashley. Classic!" —brookel46eb1e87b

    18. When Jason initially chose Melissa but then broke up with her because he was actually in love with the runner-up, Molly.


    "I guess it worked out since he and Molly are still married with kids." —Spencer Althouse

    19. When Chad threatened just about everyone in the house...

    20. ...aggressively consumed a raw sweet potato...

    21. ...and really, just everything about him.


    "I love that crazy motherfracker. Don't get me wrong, it's a good show, but nothing would give me more pleasure than to watch it burn to the ground while Chad eats a slab of meat and grins at the camera." —Amber Jones, Facebook

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