12 Things Only Beauty Junkies Would Understand

The perfect product is sure to bring a smize to your face. To fuel your makeup obsession, check out Em Michelle Phan.

1. You try to wear all your lipsticks equally so none of them get offended.

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2. You know for a fact that mascara goes on better with an open mouth.

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3. You bring 17 eyeshadows for a weekend getaway.

Mikala Bierma / BuzzFeed

4. You know that a hair dryer can do so much more than dry hair.

Mikala Bierma / BuzzFeed

5. You do the ole “wake up early, put on makeup, and pretend to go back to sleep” move.

Mikala Bierma / BuzzFeed

You wanna look fresh for your boo!

6. You choose your lipstick based on what looks best for your “duck face.”

7. You are more afraid of un-plumped lashes than you are of losing an eye.


8. You’ve learned the hard way that sometimes, less is more.


9. You’ve perfected the art of mirror face.

Mikala Bierma / BuzzFeed

10. There are days when you’ve created the most beautiful makeup look… and you have nowhere to go.

11. Applying fake lashes requires the skill of a heart surgeon.


12. Every time you try a smokey eye, you look like a raccoon.

Inspired by your makeup-loving friends at Em Michelle Phan.

To feed your makeup obsession, check out Em Michelle Phan.

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