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    7 Yoga Poses That'll Help With Bloating

    Try these after dinner.

    Yoga is pretty well known for its healing effects on chronic back pain, anxiety, and mobility.

    And in case you didn't already know, it's also good for helping you digest that meal you just had — aka, alleviating discomfort from potential gassiness, bloating, or even constipation.

    According to NYC-based celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee, "Any time you move your muscles and stimulate blood flow, you stimulate digestion. And yoga is a full-body exercise [that does just that.]"

    yoga often begins by setting an intention for the class. Mine is, try not to fart in front of all these beautiful people. don't be that guy.

    "As you twist your body and gain flexibility, you're putting pressure on and stimulating your organs in a way that could help digestion," McGee tells BuzzFeed.

    And of course, yoga isn't the only type of exercise that would aid in digestion. Anything that gets you moving, like running, strength training, or pilates, would also help. But, as McGee says, "Yoga is great for someone who needs a low-impact sport."

    And personally speaking, I also find it to be the most relaxing. 🙏

    Here are seven poses that might help get things moving, according to McGee:

    1. Cat pose

    2. Cow pose

    3. Crescent Lunge

    4. Bow pose

    5. Chair pose

    6. Garland pose

    7. Reclining hero pose

    Happy flexin' and tootin'!