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What Change In Routine Improved Your Life This Year?

It's the little things.

For many of us, 2018 was a year of change and transformation.


Maybe that change came from circumstances, but most likely it came from positive decisions you made toward becoming a better you.

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You go.

We want to know: What's a change you made to your daily routine that improved your mood or your life in general?

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Did you start waking up 30 minutes earlier to meditate and keep a gratitude journal?

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Hey, it worked for me.

Did you take the stairs instead of the elevator every chance you got?

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Those steps add up, y'all!

Did you commit to limiting your time spent on Instagram to just 30 minutes a day?


Using Instagram's new time tracking function, you can actually now make sure you do just that.

Or maybe you've actually made good on your promise to cook at least one meal from scratch once a week.


Time-saving AND good for your health.

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