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What Cooking Mistakes Do You See People Making All The Time?

Let that chicken rest.

Nothing tests the nerves more than watching a newbie cook*.

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*And sometimes, that newbie is you, lol.

I mean, cooking is hard — but it's not impossible!

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For example: overcrowding the pan? That's a NOPE.

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Everyone knows overcrowding a pan results in undercooked food.

Same with *GASP* washing chicken before you cook it.

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You, an intellectual, know that it could be more harmful than good.

The worst is when people don't let their meat rest and hack into it immediately after they're done cooking it, like barbarians.


If you cut into any meat as soon as it's off the pan, the juices will run out, leaving you with a dry and tasteless dish.

OR when they don't salt their pasta water.

It's Pasta 101, people.

Tell us what cooking mistakes — big or small — people should avoid, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!

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