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    17 College Mistakes Everyone Has Made

    Live and learn.

    College is an exciting and stressful experience filled with ups and downs. We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their regrets about these tumultuous years. Here is what they had to say:

    1. Partying too much.


    "You’re taking on loans for your future. Make sure it’s worth it."


    "I went to a four-year liberal arts college, and while I was there I definitely focused on socializing as much as I did actual schoolwork. I didn't get very involved in my classes or make connections with my professors, which I now realize has jeopardized my chances of getting a graduate or professional degree."

    —Nicole Maria, Facebook

    2. Not taking advantage of all the free college amenities.

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    "My biggest regret is not taking advantage of all of the complementary perks that came with my school's tuition, including clubs, gyms, and on-campus events. My school offered so many of these things that I wish I could get for free now, but I spent so much of my time partying and working that I never realized how much was actually available to me."


    3. Getting involved with Greek life.


    "I was devastated when rushing a sorority didn’t work out and was so preoccupied with that failure that I didn’t make an effort to get involved with the activities and clubs that were more suited for me. I’m a big time nerd and when I was 18 I didn’t get that it was way cooler to just be that true version of myself than to try and fit the party school aesthetic."


    4. Playing for the college sports team.

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    "It was like a full-time job all day every day, except for Sundays. My body hurt all the time, my grades suffered, and we weren't even allowed to go home during the weekend. Quitting was one of the best decisions I ever made!"


    5. Not applying for internships.


    "As a first gen student with no financial support from my family I know how tough it can be, but if you can get an internship you enjoy early on, DO IT. When I graduated and struggled to find a job all my advisors could say was that I should have done more internships. It’s a good networking opportunity and a lot of them will help you find a job even if they themselves can’t offer anything."


    "I wish I had applied for some or gotten a small job in my field before graduating. These days in the science industry, entry level means having a bachelor's degree with three years of experience."


    6. Not consulting with an advisor before making key college decisions.

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    "When I switched from being a science major to a business major I wish I would’ve talked with an advisor first. I love my degree but my school offered another one that would’ve been a perfect mix of science and business that I didn’t even know existed until later."


    7. Trying to date a high school partner long distance.


    "If I could do it over again I would not have dated my high school sweetheart long distance. I spent so much time away from campus and college friends hanging out with him AND he was super jealous of my male friends, which affected all my friendships."


    "I regret staying with my high school boyfriend for my first two years of college. He had a jealous streak so I didn't dare to talk to other boys or girls on my campus. When we finally did break up I ended up meeting so many interesting people around campus and in my dorm who I had barely talked to before."


    8. Staying in classes that were way too challenging from the start.


    "If you know this class is going to be too hard for you, drop it before it's too late, instead of failing it."


    9. Getting too preoccupied with having everyone like you during your first year of college.

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    "I regret indulging in social conformity in an attempt to fit in. You're your own individual, you shouldn't have to give that up because sheeple are afraid of unique individuals."


    10. Not taking enough pictures.

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    "When I was in college, there were still phones that didn't have built in cameras. But you have no excuses now, so take pictures! Live in the moment, but realize there will come a day when your memory fails (*cough* in your 30s *cough*) and you'll love having the reminders to flip through."


    11. Actually going to college.


    "I made some great friends, but as a film major it was a waste of time and money. Being in debt, and then getting on a set and realizing that I spent all that time learning about things that are barely relevant sucks. If I could go back in time, I'd just spend time working as PA learning things relevant to my field."


    12. Going straight into a four-year university, instead of doing the first two years at a community college.

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    "My biggest regret was not going to community college FIRST. I went to a four year college but had to take all these extra classes that bored the hell out of me. It would have been cheaper and probably easier for me if I would have gotten general studies out of the way first then went to university."


    13. Not taking advantage of the free therapy offered in school.


    "I realized too late that it doesn't matter if the most troublesome issue you have is that you can't wash your clothes. All the little issues add up and can ruin your college experience — and eventually, your wellbeing."


    14. Passing on the opportunity to spend a semester abroad.


    "Traveling becomes more difficult to schedule once you have a job and a family. I had a lot of friends who took advantage of study abroad programs and it’s something that I have always regretted."


    15. Forgetting to make connections with the many classmates and professionals around you.


    "Network with your classmates, roommates, friends, acquaintances, and most certainly with your professors. In my job search, I’ve learned the ole adage 'It’s not what you know, it’s who you know' is so true. I’ve done the majority of my networking post-grad and I feel like I’m playing catch up."


    16. Making any decision to please someone else's desires, and not your own.

    "Experience everything possible and don't let your parents or anyone else for that matter talk you into doing something just to please them."

    —Jacki Demchak, Facebook

    "I tried so hard to impress people and tried desperately to fit in with a certain crowd; to the point of forgetting who I am and what I stand for and engaging in behavior that I now wish I hadn't. I wasted too much time trying to impress the wrong people and not enough time with the people who were my actual true friends."

    —MJ Cormier, Facebook

    17. Feeling pressured to make the best out of the supposed "best years of your life."


    "Honestly, I regret buying into the narrative that college is somehow the best years of your life for everyone. For me, college was generally unpleasant and included some of the worst periods of my life to date, and the added pressure of needing to feel like this was the peak just made it that much harder. Now that I've graduated, I can honestly say that sometimes the best years of your life happen after college — and there's nothing wrong with that at all!"


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