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    Posted on Jun 19, 2017

    This Might Be The Tastiest Road Trip You Could Ever Go On

    Spoiler: It ain't cheap.

    We all know that the best part of every road trip is the food.

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    From the snacks we pack, to the restaurant rest stops, to the late night gas station finds, the food is what makes every excursion so worth it.

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    And we can also agree that the best gas station snack is cool ranch Doritos. FIGHT ME.

    Well, to fulfill all your foodie fantasies, Orbitz mapped out a driving route that'll take you to every Michelin-starred restaurant in the U.S 😍

    According to University of Pennsylvania data scientist Randal Olson — who used an algorithm to create a route that would minimize time spent driving and maximize time spent stuffing your face — the entire road trip would take you five months. And that's if you eat at one Michelin-starred restaurant every night. Don't mind if I do.

    The food tour kicks off in California and guides you through Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York.

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    The kicker? Since Michelin inspectors only review restaurants in handful of U.S. locales — right now: California's Bay Area, Chicago, DC, and NYC — you'll have to endure a stretch of more than 2,000 miles without a single starred bite. (But you got this!)

    If you have an excess of time and money to blow on the road trip of a lifetime, here're some of the foods you can expect to eat:

    Rack of lamb at Chez TJ.

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    Oysters and caviar at The French Laundry.

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    Spaghetti with uni and black garlic at Spiaggia.

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    Chocolate-dipped foie gras and roasted banana popsicle (?!) at Band of Bohemia.

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    Charred carrots with whipped ricotta at The Dabney.

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    Spring vegetable salad at Rose's Luxury.

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    Baked potato at Blue Hill.

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    Truffle dosa and butter chicken at Rasa.

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    Rare-cooked steak at Peter Luger Steakhouse.

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    Chocolate mousse and hazelnut gelato at Aureole.

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    Road trip, anyone? See the full itinerary at Orbitz here.

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