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18 Hilarious Struggles All Immigrants Will Relate To

No, I didn't get anything for Christmas. Yes, I'm gonna be okay.

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1. You have a supernatural ability to blend into any situation.

2. Sometimes you feel so assimilated you forget you weren't actually born here.

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3. Texting your parents in your native language is the most time-consuming thing you'll do all day...

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4. As is reading their response.

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5. You can forget trying to catch up on deeper topics, like politics, religion, or your love life.



6. A childhood spent abroad means you have no idea who this man is...

7. Or any of these artists.

Not having your parents' old CD collection to rifle through means you have ZERO know-how of popular artists from the '70s and '80s.
Beth Walsh / Flickr / Stellam25 / Wikipedia / Via Flickr: 10367518@N06

Not having your parents' old CD collection to rifle through means you have ZERO know-how of popular artists from the '70s and '80s.

8. But the fact that you're foreign DOES mean you suddenly become the expert on everything your native country has ever experienced, ever.

Salted2 / Via Twitter: @Salted2

9. You're perfectly fine not celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas...

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10. And not receiving Christmas presents.

Your friends might think it's weird, but you honestly don't care because you know your parents go the extra mile on a daily basis to make sure you're cared for.

11. No matter how fluent you are, you will always have moments when your native accent slips through.


12. At school, your packed lunch was, uh, one-of-a-kind.

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Let's just say you weren't trading Lunchables.

13. But as an adult, you have intense cravings for your parents' food.

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14. You never feel American enough, nor foreign enough.

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15. There are some American quirks you'll never understand.

16. And meeting someone who shares your identity struggle feels like meeting your soulmate.

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17. This question will always make you feel a mix of discomfort and anxiety.

20th Television

What are you actually asking? 🤔

18. But you know in your heart that you wouldn't have accomplished anything in your life without the support of your sometimes-neurotic, hardworking, and multicultural immigrant family.


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