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    15 Products You Need If Noise Keeps You Up At Night

    Say no more fam. Seriously, shut up fam.

    We recently asked people from the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite products for blocking outside noise from their bedrooms. Here are their best responses:

    1. Everyone knows that hard surfaces don't absorb sound, so cover up as much flooring as possible with high pile rugs.

    2. Place sound-proofing foam wedges (foam-side out) on your windows to dampen obnoxious street noise.

    3. Turn on a white noise machine that'll drown out your upstairs neighbor's late-night stomping.

    4. Outfit your door with a door sweep that'll keep your A/C IN and the sound of bad reality TV blaring in the living room OUT.

    5. And don't forget to seal the sides and top of your door as well.

    6. Let the rhythmic noise of an oscillating fan hypnotize you to sleep (and keep your room cool!).

    7. Or invest in an air purifier that'll freshen up your stale bedroom air while humming over your loud AF fridge.

    8. Plug in a pair of snug Flents Contour ear plugs that'll mute your roommate's loud music next door.

    9. Turn your room into a silent zen cave with black-out curtains.

    10. Let calming rain drop sounds tune out the sound of your drippy faucet with the Rain Rain app.

    11. Let the audiobook version of your favorite book — like say, Harry Potter — divert your attention from those damn birds outside your window and drift you off to sleep.

    12. Tune in to Amazon's Ambient channel for relaxing ocean, thunderstorm, and box fan sounds.

    "Amazon recently added an 'Ambient' channel to their video app. Oceans, thunderstorms, box fans, white noise — you name it. Some of them just show a black screen, others will show things like a starry field or ocean at night. Netflix has some, too, but not as much of a selection. (They do have an 8-hour video of a train ride, though! It's pretty great.)" —joekaf

    You can get them on the Amazon app or website for free if you have Amazon Prime membership, or for as little as $1.99 if you don't have Prime membership.

    13. Fortify your thin walls with sex sounds-blocking shelves.

    14. Or get the same job done by decorating your walls with thick rugs or tapestry.

    15. You know that head tingle you feel when you listen to a softly spoken voice or get a haircut? That's called ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) and you can experience the soothing low-grade euphoria by listening to ASMR Glow's videos.

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