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    We Asked A Bartender To Explain All Those Fancy Bar Terms

    A "dry" martini actually means it has less dry vermouth in it.

    Let's be real: Most of our cocktail knowledge starts and stops at mojitos and well drinks.

    1. What's the difference between SHAKEN and STIRRED drinks?

    2. What are COCKTAIL BITTERS?

    3. What does it mean to MUDDLE ingredients?

    4. What's the difference between a WET and a DRY martini?

    5. What is a DIRTY martini?

    6. What's the difference between SODA WATER and SELTZER?

    7. What's the difference between TONIC WATER and SPRITE?

    8. WTF does it mean to EXPRESS an orange peel?

    9. What does it mean to order a drink NEAT?

    10. What about ON THE ROCKS?

    11. OK, so then what does ordering a drink UP (or STRAIGHT UP) mean?

    12. What does it mean to OPEN UP a drink?

    13. I'm always too embarassed to ask, but what's the difference between SCOTCH, BOURBON, and RYE?

    14. What does it mean to FLOAT liquor?

    15. What about RINSING a glass?

    16. What is a HIGHBALL?

    17. What are some basic cocktails I should know?

    "Five cocktails everyone should know are the daiquiri, Negroni, Old-Fashioned, gin martini, and the new modern classic: the penicillin. Made with scotch, ginger, honey, and lemon, this was invented in NYC in the last 10 years, and any bar (that knows better) will know how to make it."

    The Old-Fashioned

    The Negroni

    The Daiquiri

    The Gin Martini

    The Penicillin