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    What's A National Park That You Think Everyone Should Visit At Least Once In Their Lives?

    We want to know.

    National parks are one of our country's greatest treasures.

    A dad and a daughter canoeing in a lake
    Cavan Images / Getty Images/Cavan Images RF

    They're an affordable way of experiencing the grandeur of the American outdoors and the foundation of childhood memories. 

    There's a handful of them that tend to get a lot of the glory β€” like the Grand Canyon, Cuyahoga Valley, or Zion.

    The Grand Canyon with clouds above it
    Tobiasjo / Getty Images

    And while those are great, we'd love to get beyond them. In your honest opinion, what's the best national park in your state? Or the best national park you've ever been to? And why?

    Is it an underrated park like Canyonlands that not many people know about β€” at least relative to some others?

    A hiking climbing in Canyonlands National Park
    Piola666 / Getty Images

    Although if you're familiar with Aron Ralston's story of sawing his right arm to free himself from a boulder β€” immortalized in 127 Hours β€” then you might have heard of Canyonlands. 

    Or maybe it's a park with a very specific or cool feature, like the world's longest cave system?

    An underground cave in Mammoth Cave National Park
    Nancy Nehring / Getty Images

    That honor goes to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, which features more than 400 miles of mapped caves. 

    It's also quite possible that the best national park in your state simply is the most popular one.

    Landscapes from Yellowstone National Park
    Kelly Cheng Travel Photography / Getty Images

    We get it, Yellowstone. You're majestic!

    Whether your favorite national park has a cool mountain peak or is a gigantic expanse of wilderness, we'd love to hear about it! Comment with your favorite national park below β€” and what first-time visitors should check out if they go. You might be featured in our next BuzzFeed Community post!

    (PS: If you have photos you've taken and want to show off, upload those too!)