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I Hate To Admit It, But This Hipster AF Taco Croissant Looks Amazing

Grab some napkins.

By now, food mash-ups are nothing new...

Macey J. Foronda/Buzzfeed

Remember the cronut?

And it takes something pretty special to get our attention. Like (*ahem*)...



Michelle Min

The monster taco + croissant hybrid debuted earlier this month at Vive La Tarte bakery in San Francisco, and retails for $12. (Pretty steep for a single tacro, but we hear a single order is pretty filling.)

It's a flaky croissant shell filled with your choice of three fillings: chile chicken with avocado, pulled pork, and barbecued jackfruit. And it looks GORGEOUS. 😍

@guwaakniu / Via

Each tacro is topped with sliced radishes and chopped pickled onions, and comes with a green avocado salsa and a red salsa. And according to a Vive La Tarte spokesperson, "[We'll] likely add a few more flavors down the road, including a potential breakfast version."

The whole thing is made with a crunchier-than-average croissant shell that's begging to be bitten into.

@hungryhungryheejin / Via

It probably makes for a messy eating experience, but I'd take the hit for it.

I mean... just look at these things:

@gcheung28 / Via

It legit looks deep-fried.

*Pupils dilate*

@cookingwithamy / Via

And for you taco purists, it's also available with just the fillings, AKA without the shell and fun.

Comedy Central

It's essentially a deconstructed salad bowl. Meh.

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