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    17 Smart Ways To Upgrade Sugar Cookies

    Easy peasy.

    Sugar cookies are one of the most popular and nostalgic desserts of the holiday season.

    And the baking process involved with making a batch of sugar cookies is half of their allure. Here, we've compiled 17 of the best tips to help you upgrade your sugar cookies from simple table decoration to delicious party-stopping dessert. When you're ready, head down to the bottom of the post for our complete sugar cookie recipe.

    1. Use butter softened at room temperature, not melted butter.

    2. And use white sugar to ensure your sugar cookies are the right color.

    3. Add cream cheese to your dough to give it a slightly savory flavor.

    4. Completely cream the sugar and the butter together.

    5. Scrape the bowl while mixing to make sure you're incorporating all ingredients in your dough mixture.

    6. Add almond extract, in addition to vanilla extract.

    7. And a bit of kosher salt, which will enhance flavors and balance out the sweetness.

    8. Want to prevent browning and make your cookies snappy? Incorporate cream of tartar.

    9. And for a flaky cookie, also make sure you don't overwork the mixture.

    10. Keep the dough cold at all times.

    11. To get the most even dough, press on it before you even start rolling it.

    12. Flour the cookie cutters before using them so the dough doesn't stick.

    13. Position ALL your cookie cutters on the dough at the same time so the dough stays intact when you pull on each one.

    14. Pop all your cookies into the fridge for at least 20 minutes before you bake them.

    15. When making royal icing, SLOWLY incorporate the sifted powdered sugar into your egg whites.

    16. Air on the side of ~thicker~ when making your primary batch of royal icing.

    17. Work fast with your royal icing because it'll set quickly.

    All that's left to do is decorate. Have fun!

    And if you want to try your hand at your own pretty batch of sugar cookies, here's the recipe:


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