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Starbucks Has A New Holiday Drink And It's Kinda Legit TBH

It's a lot.

The holidays are nigh, so obviously Starbucks has a new Frappuccino to go with the festive mood. 🎉

From today until Monday, Dec. 11, the coffee chain will be offering a Christmas Tree Frappuccino, that actually kind of looks like one.* 🎄

The holiday Frap is made with a peppermint mocha crème base (so, it's coffee-free) + matcha whipped cream (!) + caramel drizzle + candied cranberries + a strawberry topping. It's a lot.

A quick scroll through IG showed the green whipped cream could look questionable at best — and we had THOUGHTS on the pink-blue Unicorn Frap — so we knew we had to taste this creation for ourselves.

Here's what the drink looked like when we got our own version IRL:

Kevin thought the Frap was interesting, but not a bad interesting — a delicious interesting 🎄.

Michelle thought it tasted like a tasty ~mint chocolate chip~ Frap (also the crunchy cranberry candy on top was 💯 ).

TL;DR: The drink is great if you like minty flavors!