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Someone Invented Clear Coffee and TBH I'm Not Mad About It

Goodbye, Crest whitestrips.

There's nothing better in the morning than a fresh cup of coffee.

Grandriver / Getty Images / Via

Energizing and bold-flavored, coffee can lift your mood like no other food, positive affirmation, or person can.

Flickr / Abi Porter / Via Flickr: vanillaandlaceblog

Honestly, its only drawback is its teeth- and clothes-staining powers.

Levesquec / Getty Images / Via

The solution? COLORLESS COFFEE 😲.

clrcff / Via

At least, that's according to the guys behind CLR CFF — David and Adam Nagy — avid coffee drinkers who wanted a beverage that wouldn't stain their teeth.

They've bottled their colorless creation, which they say is made out of high-quality Arabica coffee beans. They also say that the clear color comes from them using "methods which have never been used before."

bobinkal / Via

"We process the roasted coffee beans within one week after they are roasted. The production process takes approximately 3 hours," co-creator David Nagy told BuzzFeed Food. He also said the drink doesn't contain preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers, or sweeteners.

The ingredient list posted on the website doesn't reveal much more either.

Even though the color is different, Nagy says the result tastes like cold brew.

dragonweb / Via

Those who’ve already tried the beverage have mixed reviews: some say it tastes like “potent cold brew”, while others say it's more like "water…but an aftertaste of coffee."

The catch? Clear Coffee is only available on select retail shelves in the U.K. right now — but they'll also ship to the U.S. via their website.

natalisteigauf / Via

Since the company is based in the UK, you'll only be able to find it in Selfridges and Whole Foods Market stores there. "Currently we don’t have any US stockers," Nagy said. "But we ship into the US as well."

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