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    I Tried Cooking From Snoop Dogg's Cookbook and My Mom Would Be Proud

    His fried chicken recipe has one simple, secret ingredient.

    I recently learned that Snoop Dogg came out with a cookbook. And as someone who loves to cook, I knew I had to see for myself what kinds of recipes a world-famous rapper lives by. 🤔

    First of all, let me answer the question everyone has on their minds: No, none of these recipes call for marijuana or any other psychoactive ingredient. WOMP.

    Now on to the recipes: They basically all looked like something I'd make eight servings of and end up finishing by myself. The five I decided would be most worth it were: pancakes, omelette, candied bacon, fried chicken, and spaghetti and meatballs.

    The first recipe I tackled were the pancakes, which were fluffier than any IHOP or diner stack I've ever tried.

    Next I made the "Billionaire's Bacon," which was basically candied bacon. If you're not already obsessed with bacon, then this recipe should do the trick.

    I managed to save a few strips of bacon for the omelette, the next recipe I tried. It was honestly kind of MEH, except for the fact that it was a tasty excuse to finish off the rest of the bacon.

    On to the dinner food. First thing on the list: spaghetti and meatballs. The pasta sauce was a solid basic sauce (nothing to write home about), but the meatballs were *Italian chef kiss* incredible.

    Finally, I tried the fried chicken wings, which were the most succulent wings I've had since I ate in the South.

    TL;DR: I can't believe it took Snoop Dogg so long to come out with a cookbook because it honestly makes SO MUCH SENSE. The recipes aren't groundbreaking, but they're really delicious AND easy to make.

    You can get your own copy of From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen here.

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