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    13 Brilliant Ways To Store Things In A Small Room

    You'll finally be able to have people over.

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    1. Mount a hanging shelf, then make it double as a clothing rack.

    2. Or use a corner of your room to hang even more things.

    3. Learn how to fold clothing to maximize the space in your dresser.

    4. Or for smaller pieces of clothing, simply use an organizer.

    5. If you don't already have a bed with storage space underneath, you can create one with a set of risers.

    6. Stick Command hooks to the back of your closet to hang scarves, belts, and other accessories.

    7. If you can, install a high shelf on your bedroom walls.

    8. Get a headboard that'll safeguard all your sleepy time tools.

    9. Fold any extra sheets you have and squeeze them under your mattress.

    10. Mount a pegboard to your wall and use it to organize everything from your purses to jewelry.

    11. Slip a tray under your dresser to covertly store more shoes.

    12. Maximize bookshelf space by adding baskets.

    13. And make a hanging coat rack that won't take up any floor space.