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    Posted on Oct 10, 2016

    7 Rich And Hearty Stews That'll Warm Up Your Evenings

    'Tis the season for stews.

    1. German Lentils With Sausage Stew

    This stew plus a giant, cable-knit blanket, and you won't need much else to survive the cold months. Recipe here.

    2. Black Bean Taco Chili Stew

    A bowl of chili a day keeps the S.A.D. away. Recipe here.

    3. Vegetarian Gumbo

    Packed with filling vegetables like mushrooms, okra, and seasoned zucchini, this meatless version of the popular southern stew packs a punch. Recipe here.

    4. Beef, Potato, and Carrot Stew

    Have baby carrots ever looked so desirable? Recipe here.

    5. Ratatouille With Goat Cheese Polenta

    Just one of the many delicious ways winter squash will get you through the fall. Recipe here.

    6. Chipotle Black Bean and Quinoa Stew

    Top with avocado slices for an extra serving of healthy fats. Recipe here.

    7. Indian Lentil Stew

    Test your seasoning skills with this gorgeous, aromatic dal. Recipe here.