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Screw It, Let's Just Watch People Make Shiny Aluminum Foil Balls

I NEED one.

Everyone has a weird activity they consider satisfying.

For some, it's peeling dried Elmer's glue off their palms.

In Japan, in the year 2018, it's creating shiny, smooth balls of aluminum foil.

If you're confused, there's not much to *get* here except that it's an activity that's incredibly satisfying to watch and, apparently, to actually partake in.

Much like puzzles or adult coloring books, the act of rolling aluminum foil into a ball and polishing its surface can be both relaxing and visually captivating to its participants.

How do you do it? According to Twitter user @puchuco709, a jewelry designer who popularized the trend, you start the process by rolling a 16-meter-long roll of aluminum foil into a tight ball.

Then, with a hammer, you pound out all the micro creases into a smooth surface.

The hammering process takes focus and attention to detail, since you have to continuously rotate the ball to maintain its spherical shape.

ネットニュースで見掛けた、アルミホイルを球にするやつやってみました。 100均のアルミホイルと金づちで暇潰しが出来る。 そして地味に楽しかった。 #アルミホイル #アルミホイルボール #アルミホイル丸め選手権

The polishing step probably takes just as much patience, diligence, and obviously, time.

But the end result is friggin' worth it. LOOK AT THIS SHINY BEAUTY!!!

Is this what Dragon Ball Z was based on?

Also, I think I found Daenerys Targaryen's fourth dragon.

The best part is, if you want to give it a try, all you need to get started is some aluminum foil.