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There's Something About Sandra Oh We're All Ignoring

You'll nod your head in agreement so furiously your co-workers will think you're having a seizure.

Everyone knows Sandra Oh is one of the most talented actresses of our time.

But recently, I've come to realization that her crying skills have taken all the attention away from what really matters: THIS.

Do you see it???

Basically, I feel like my parents immigrated to the US so they could give me the opportunity to see a woke Korean-American-Canadian woman wear a pink jumpsuit.

Here is the thing: We've all been so focused on applauding Sandra Oh's prolific, award-winning talent that we've completely ignored our duties as the American public to make superficial remarks about her outfits. So here are my thoughts on other stuff she's worn:

I'm just giving her the vapid attention she deserves.

I'm genuinely authentically honestly so confused why this jacket didn't make headlines.

I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I were Andy Samberg.

If a friend had told me a black jumpsuit, a diamond necklace, and sneakers would make a good outfit, I'd have called the cops to report a stranger in my bedroom. But SHE DID THAT.

I think I just started lactating.

Idk who that white dude is, but I'm pretty sure Sandra hired him to create more negative space around her dress.

Burke is shaking.

Have you ever googled "sandra oh mailing address childhood home shoe size bra size social security number"? Because me neither.

My recent favorite Sandra Oh outfit is this ensemble, which makes me want to get a perm and also turn into a black swan.

I just can't believe we've been awarding Sandra Oh Golden Globes when we should have been busy creating a Wikipedia entry for this dress???

In summary, Sandra Oh is a fashion icon and now my first generation mother knows what a jumpsuit is.

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