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    27 Reasons You Should Avoid Switzerland's Capital At All Costs

    What a waste of time.

    1. Some* might claim Switzerland's Capital, Bern, to be a city worth your time.

    Rosshelen / Getty Images / Via

    *Like this random-ass, sketchy sounding agency called UNESCO, which deemed the entire Old Town a World Heritage Site in 1983.

    2. But don't believe them and their highly filtered Instagram photos.

    Rosshelen / Getty Images / Via

    3. You're honestly better off sticking to a European town with actual historical significance.

    Borders of Adventure / Via

    Einsteinhaus is a museum and the former residence of some dude called Albert Einstein, who might've dabbled in physics, IDK.

    4. Because truth be told, there's nothing remarkable to see or do here.

    5. ZILCH.

    Borders of Adventure / Via

    As soon as the sun comes out, locals go for a swim in the Aare river. Not sure why anyone would consider this a refreshing activity, but to each his own!!

    6. The outdoors in Bern are a huge bummer.

    7. They have nothing I couldn't see in my own town.

    Borders of Adventure / Via

    The lawn in front of the House of Parliament is a popular spot to sunbathe and wonder why you ever considered such a dreary and stressful destination.

    8. And a day trip outside of the city will make you question all your decision-making skills.

    Borders of Adventure / Via

    9. Literally nothing ever happens here.

    10. It's kind of depressing.

    Buskers Bern / Flickr

    11. There is zero art scene.

    12. They call this art?!

    14. The entire city has no interesting architecture whatsoever.

    Dendron / Getty Images / Via

    15. It is just completely barren of any visual detail.

    Pocholocalapre / Getty Images / Via

    16. Everything just looks extremely tacky and outdated.

    Krol:k / Wikipedia

    Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, the Paul Klee museum houses the world's largest collection of Klee's art — basically some doodles that no one in the arts world really cares for.

    17. I don't even understand why Einstein considered this plain rose garden to be one of his favorite spots.

    18. There's not a single romantic corner in the entire city.

    19. It's all grey sadness everywhere.

    Borders of Adventure / Via

    20. And don't get me started on the food.

    21. How can they stand this stuff?!

    22. No wonder everyone here looks like the pinnacle of health.

    23. Switzerland is supposedly one of the happiest countries in the world, but Bern basically proves why the survey is a straight-up lie.

    24. All the locals probably bike because they're hoping to skip town at the earliest possible opportunity.

    25. I'd honestly cry from disappointment if I traveled halfway around the world for this view.

    26. So just take my word for it when I say: Bern is the most overrated hidden gem in all of Switzerland.

    Borders of Adventure / Via

    27. And in all seriousness? You're better off elsewhere.

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