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18 Easy Meal Ideas If You Just Started Whole30

You got this.

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3. Zucchini Comfort Noodles

One of the lesser-discussed results of going through Whole30 is that you learn how to cook with ingredients you might've never considered at the grocery store before. Take this noodle dish, which combines zucchini noodles with a rich and comforting "crumb" made with coconut oil and almond flour. Recipe here.


6. Spicy Cauliflower Florets

Tossed with salty capers and garlic and topped with Aleppo pepper, this flavorful appetizer could honestly serve as a meal by itself. But if you'd like to make it a fuller dish, serve with a side of baked chicken breast or another protein. Recipe here.

8. Bacon Burger

Combine beef, bacon, and mushrooms to create the most savory burger patties you've ever had. Recipe here.


9. Sweet Potato And Greens Saute

By now, you're probably aware that flavor-packed compliant foods like sweet potatoes and bacon are the key to enjoying Whole30. Luckily, this dish combines both ingredients in generous portions. Recipe here.

12. Warm Salmon Potato Salad