I Just Learned A Life-Changing Fact About Parmesan Cheese

    Time to stock up.

    If you're lactose intolerant, then you probably understand the misery of having to pass on delicious cheese- and milk-filled foods all the time.

    Well, I've just made a discovery that will put a smile in your bland, cheese-less day.

    According to health authorities, Parmesan cheese contains an almost negligible amount of lactose. 😨😨😨

    And to brighten your bland, cheese-less day even more, note that hard cheeses like Swiss and cheddar also fall under this safer-to-eat category.

    So why are harder, aged cheeses better for lactose-sensitive or lactose-intolerant folk? That's because the longer a cheese ages, the longer its bacteria is able to break down its lactose, aka the ingredient that might give you all kinds of gastrointestinal problems.

    That also means that fresher cheeses — like feta and ricotta — have more lactose in them and will probably uncomfortably inflate you.

    Here're a few recipes to help you celebrate your new cheese partnership:

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