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A Woman Is Suing TGI Friday's For $5 Million For Fake Potato Skin Chips

Plaintiff Solange Troncoso is suing the restaurant chain for being misled into purchasing an "inferior product" than what was advertised.

In the world of potato chips, TGI Friday's Potato Skins Chips rank high in popularity.

Well, one woman in NYC is questioning the perceived quality of TGI Friday's Potato Skins Chips in a class action lawsuit that claims the “Potato Skins” snacks 🚨aren't actually made with potato skins.🚨

And why is it a big deal that the chips aren't made of actual potato skins? Well, citing the Idaho Potato Commission, Troncoso asserts that potato skins are associated with healthy eating, and that it was a significant influencing factor for her when purchasing the product.

"The Product is labeled as being a ‘Potato Skins’ Product, but in fact does not contain any actual potato skins," reads the suit. "[The defendant] would not have been willing to pay the sum she paid had she known it was mislabeled."

You can read the entire lawsuit below: