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16 Mexican Snacks No One Has Ever Said "No" To

*Drools onto keyboard*

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite Mexican snacks. Here are the best responses:

1. Duvalín

2. Tama Roca

What is it: Tamarind lollipops covered in salt and chili.

"Tama-Roca!!!!! I love the tangy-sweet taste of tamarind, mixed with chili <3."


3. Rockaleta

4. Pan Bimbo Donuts

Pan Bimbo

What is it: Sweet, sugared donuts.

Elena Garcia

5. De La Rosa Mazapan

6. Takis

7. Esquites

8. Chaca Chaca

9. Gansito

10. Sabritones

11. Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars

What is it: Popsicles in various spiced fruit flavors.

"There are my absolute favorite ice cream! They are all amazing but chamoy flavor (sweet, salty, and slightly spicy) rules them all."


12. Fresh fruit with Tajin seasoning

What is it: Fresh fruit topped with spicy, salty, and sour seasoning powder.

"I love eating it with mangoes or limes because it adds a savory/tangy flavor. I couldn't live without it!"


13. Tostilocos

14. Salsagheti

What is it: Watermelon flavored gummy noodles.


15. Carlos V Chocolate Bars

16. Churritos

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