I Tried Making Meghan Markle's Pasta Recipe And Here's What Happened

    Was the four-hour sauce *really* worth it?

    If you like pasta, you'll be pleased to know that Meghan Markle has a zucchini bolognese pasta recipe that's by now pretty much as famous as the royal duchess herself.

    The recipe asks you to cook zucchini and onions down for four (!) whole hours — which is supposed to transform the veggies into into a magical, velvety, glorious sauce*.

    *Or so says Meg.

    And as a lover of delicious vehicles for rigatoni myself, I knew I had to test it out.

    To start out, I chopped my zucchinis and onions into small pieces.

    I then tossed the chopped onion into some olive oil and let it sizzle away.

    Once the onion was slightly cooked, I added the zucchini, a bouillon cube, and water, and set the heat to low, as the recipe instructed. EASY PEASY.

    Now the most important part: letting all the ingredients cook down for FOUR HOURS.

    Here's what my zucchini sauce looked like one hour after cooking:

    And two hours after cooking:

    And finally, after four hours, here's what the final result looked like:

    The verdict? It was good! The sauce was creamy, tasted slightly sweet, and surprisingly clung pretty well to the rigatoni.

    If you want to try it out, I'd recommend doubling the recipe and making a bigger batch (to make it more worth your time), and adding at least 2 cups of water to this larger batch every hour.

    I'd also be interested in trying it out in a slow cooker. With at least two cups of water per zucchini added, I have a feeling the sauce might achieve its ideal creamy consistency without burning any of the ingredients. If you try it out (with or without the slow cooker), let us know in the comments below!