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So, McDonald's Is Getting Rid Of Its Plastic Straws And I, For One, Am Thrilled

It's happening in the UK, and it's good news, trust me.

When you're hangry, there are few things more satisfying than a McDonald's meal to go.

But for a long time, that instant gratification has come at a price — namely, all the waste generated by takeout containers and wrappers.

Well, starting in May, McDonald's is making moves to reduce some of its ecological footprint by phasing out plastic straws at its UK locations and replacing them with biodegradable paper ones. 👏

“Since 2015, recycling units have been installed in over 1,000 of our UK restaurants, enabling our customers and employees to easily separate packaging for recycling," Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s UK CEO, told BuzzFeed.

The restaurant will also start keeping straws behind counters, meaning you'll have to ask a cashier if you want one.

Customers are pretty pleased with the news.

Some organizations want the change to be implemented more widely.

While others think it's an insufficient, half-assed step.

TBH, as long as the new biodegradable straws don't disintegrate when faced with the mighty force of a McDonald's milkshake, we think this is a pretty good development.