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    Posted on Jul 11, 2017

    McDonald's Is Testing Loaded Bacon Fries Because God Is Good


    In the world of French fries, McDonald's pretty much rules king.

    Avery Pix

    Sure, McDonald's fries may not actually be the best-tasting to everyone, but you can't argue with the fact that they're the most ubiquitous version in the world.


    Well, pause your slow crawl through the drive-thru window and reroute your GPS, because this summer, the fast food chain is testing a new style of their signature fries in select U.S. locations.


    The new flavor? Cheese- and bacon-smothered fries. 🚨

    Keith Berr / McDonald's

    The fries are topped with cheddar cheese sauce and smoked applewood-bacon.

    Retailing for $3.99, the fries have so far been spotted in select cities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.


    "Right now, this is a test," a McDonald's spokesperson confirmed with BuzzFeed Food. Depending on the success of this temporary run, though — who knows? McDonald's might start selling bacon and cheese fries everywhere sooner than later.

    From the few IRL photos of the photos that have surfaced, they pretty much look like a tasty marriage of fries + bacon bits + nacho cheese sauce. 😍

    @JordanDaStoner / Via Twitter: @JordanDaStoner

    Move over, In-N-Out animal-style fries.

    McDonald's has already experimented with smothered fries in the past in Australia, Japan, and China — so it was probably only a matter of time until U.S. restaurants started offering them, too.

    @barbie_eibrab21 / Via

    ^ Also in Hong Kong.

    The only confusion here? The fries are marketed as a shareable side for two.


    Hahaha that's a good one McDonald's, but I NEVER. SHARE. MY FRIES. 😬

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