Everything TV Host And Fitness Instructor Liv Lo Eats In A Day

    Hydration is key.

    Food and fitness are often grouped together, and we're always interested in learning about how different people combine the two.

    So we asked Liv Lo — a 33-year-old TV host, yoga instructor, and creator of FitSphere — to keep a food diary for a day and share it with us.

    We wanted to know: What does she eat between workouts? How does she stay fueled all day?

    10 a.m.: An egg white omelette, rye bread, black coffee, and grapefruit.

    Since Liv travels often, she says she keeps her diet flexible.

    She also aims to drink about eight cups of water a day.

    1 p.m.: Lobster bisque, corn bread, and a kale salad.

    3 p.m.: Dried mangoes.

    She also squeezed in a short afternoon workout.

    7:30 p.m.: Lots of seafood! And white wine.

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    Some quotes have been edited for length or clarity.