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    Everything TV Host And Fitness Instructor Liv Lo Eats In A Day

    Hydration is key.

    Food and fitness are often grouped together, and we're always interested in learning about how different people combine the two.

    So we asked Liv Lo — a 33-year-old TV host, yoga instructor, and creator of FitSphere — to keep a food diary for a day and share it with us.

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    We wanted to know: What does she eat between workouts? How does she stay fueled all day?

    10 a.m.: An egg white omelette, rye bread, black coffee, and grapefruit.

    Liv Lo

    "I woke up without an alarm today and walked down to a local diner for breakfast. They didn't have fresh fruit juice, so I ordered a half grapefruit for a Vitamin C kick — as well as black coffee," says Liv. "I also ordered an egg white omelet with avocado, peppers, and beans. I didn't eat the potatoes, but had two slices of rye bread with salted butter instead."

    Since Liv travels often, she says she keeps her diet flexible.

    Liv Lo

    "As a general rule, I usually eat plant-based," says Liv. "But this week in Cape Cod, I'm next to the sea — so I opted for some seafood."

    She says that for her, keeping a balanced diet while traveling can be tough — because you never quite know what kinds of foods you'll have access to or encounter. But ultimately, she says she depends on internal cues to know how much food and energy she needs for the day.

    She also aims to drink about eight cups of water a day.

    Liv Lo

    "I went for a long walk on the beach this morning, so I made sure to bring a refillable bottle for water to stay hydrated," says Liv. "My philosophy is, 'If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated.'" So I typically drink three of these bottles of water a day at a minimum."

    1 p.m.: Lobster bisque, corn bread, and a kale salad.

    Liv Lo

    "When traveling, I usually rely on Google Maps as the best way to search for restaurants nearby, and to find honest reviews and photos," says Liv. "Today we found this farm-to-table deli where I got a kale and chickpea salad, a side of corn bread, and lobster bisque. So good!"

    3 p.m.: Dried mangoes.

    Liv Lo

    "I'm not much of a snacker, nor I do love sweets (I prefer wine as my dessert!), but these dried mangoes were the bomb," says Liv. "They have nothing added, so the natural mango flavor was great. Definitely recommend."

    She also squeezed in a short afternoon workout.

    7:30 p.m.: Lots of seafood! And white wine.

    Liv Lo

    "Date night with Henry! My treat. I booked a table at The Pheasant — another farm-to-table restaurant in a historic farmhouse," says Liv. "We ordered the mussels, local squid, and duck heart sticks to start. I ordered scallops on a bed of green beans and mustard greens as my main. The white wine was a perfect pairing to end the perfect day."

    For more from Liv, follow her on Instagram.

    Some quotes have been edited for length or clarity.