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17 Reasons I'm Obsessed With This Japanese Embroidery Technique

Plus, it's super therapeutic.

If you've ever ripped a pair of jeans, then you know the crushing agony of having to throw away an otherwise perfectly good pair of pants.

To help, let me introduce you to sashiko stitching, a type of traditional Japanese stitchery that, besides beautifying your clothing and fabric goods, also functions as an alternative to patching. ☝️

You can use sashiko stitching to decorate accessories, tablecloths, sheets, and honestly any other material good you can fit a needle through.

Here's some inspiration to give you an idea of all the patterns and colors you can use to sashiko-stitch your life:

1. Use sashiko to make celestial tapestries:

2. Pick a bright color to upgrade your jeans and repair them at the same time.

3. Even if your stitching isn't perfectly straight, it'll honestly still look pretty cool.

4. Got an inner-thigh rip? Patch it up with some stars!

5. Or mix it up with multiple patches, because when life gives you lemons, you go overboard and show it that you actually friggin' love lemons!

6. And why stop at jeans? You can even sashiko-stitch a pretty patch onto a sweater or shirt.

7. If you're a little more advanced, you can try out some more complex stitching and use different colors.

8. Look at these waves!

9. And these carp streamers!

10. If you've got a jean jacket, you've just found yourself a giant canvas for all your sashiko designs.

11. You don't even have to fill up the whole space.

12. Small accessories like coin purses are also great for small, endearing sashiko stitching designs.

13. Pencil cases work too.

14. You can also sashiko-stitch a linen cloth and use it to wrap up and carry a lunch box.

15. Coasters, handkerchiefs, and washcloths can all be transformed from drab household essentials to personalized, life-giving objects.

16. Marie Kondo would approve of this joy-sparking pillow.

17. And finally, you'll know you're a true sashiko-stitching expert when you can make stunning artwork out of it. ✨