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Gordon Ramsay Just Shared His Go-To American Breakfast Recipe And I Have Questions, TBH

"I want this in and around my mouth right now."

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Now, here's how Ramsay makes it. First, he grates potatoes and onions.

Gordon Ramsay / YouTube / Via

Then he seasons everything, and drains the extra moisture. As Ramsay says in that breathy, accented voice that almost convinces me forehead wrinkles are sexy, this step helps the potatoes get "really nice and crispy" once you start frying them.

Then he pours a "glug of olive oil" onto a hot pan, pats down the potato-onion mixture, and lines the hash brown disc with chunks of butter.


When Ramsay gets to work on the bacon, things get a lil' confusing. "One thing I could never get my head around when I first started eating American breakfasts was the sweetness from the bacon," he says.

Cassy Athena / YouTube / Via

Now, I did an informal poll of seven American coworkers, and all of them confirmed they did not cook their bacon with any kind of sugar. But I'm not going to be the one to break it to Ramsay that his entire life is a lie, so let's move on.

You can watch the video in full here:

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Gordon Ramsay / YouTube / Via