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I Can't Decide Whether I Love Or Hate This New Tea Trend


Cheese goes well with almost everything.

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Meat, pasta, bread, wine — yes, yes, YES YES!

But what about with tea?!

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Welp, because it's the year 2017 and literally anything is possible, I'm here to tell you that ~cheese tea~ is a thing — and it's probably about to take over your Instagram feed. 👀

Cheese tea is made with iced tea and a sweet or salty cream cheese topping, and according to Condé Nast Traveler, tastes like a "refreshing tea milkshake."


Nie Yunchen, CEO of popular cheese tea purveyor HeyTea, says the tea was conceived after his company noticed people's aversion to the bitterness of tea. Since blowing up in Taiwan, the UK, and Singapore, the drink has been making its way to the US.

One cafe in Los Angeles, Little Fluffy Head, offers the beverage in flavors like peach oolong, matcha, and black tea.

Since the topping is usually made up of frothed cream cheese (aka you won't be served, like, a wedge of parmesan cheese in your Earl Grey), the cheese flavor is apparently pretty subtle.

While the original recipes call for non-dairy powdered cheese, Little Fluffy Head opts for real cheese, along with whipping cream, milk, and a little bit of salt to give it its sweet and savory taste.

To drink it, you use a lid specially designed to ~optimize~ your cheese tea–drinking experience.

TBH? If you think of it as a savory version of whipped cream, which is what comes with most Starbucks frapps, it actually sounds kind of good.

One coworker who tried the drink said the topping "honestly just tastes like milk, but with a thicker, more gooey consistency and a hint of salt."

But also, it's CHEESE. In your TEA. Those two ingredients sound as compatible as wine and avocados.


But I guess there's only one way to find out? 💃

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